Tentacle Update

By Adam Patterson in: Announcements

It has been a long time coming, but today I release an update that cleans up a number of issues.A number of php 5.5 compatibility fixesFixed for EditorFixed Slugs on pagesFixed repeaters lost contentAdded the ability to use Spellcheck in WYSIWYGAdded RSSAdded sitemap.xmlSEO work with Meta Description, Tags,Added OpenGraph CardsMisc fixes…

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I have added a new template tag called rendner_cards() and this along with some basic settings under /settings/seo will populate the twitter summary card, as well as other important Open Graph information.It is a good idea to have your site white listed by Twitter and confirm things are working correctly with Facebook.Enjoy!

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I made a small update to allow for a sitemap.xml, this hooks into the event API and will generate on Save and Update of posts.I also added a route for /feed/ and rss.xml as the content is much the same as the sitemap.xml file.Catching up to speed, a few updates were…

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v0.9.6 released

By Adam Patterson in: Release

Just released was a HUGE push from v0.9.5.3 to v0.9.6 To many update/fixes to list but notable changes include.Updated CKEditorUpdated to Bootstrap 3Repeating content completedsitemap.xmlmany many Bug fixes!

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Status update

By Adam Patterson

Freelance work has taken up the majority of my time for the past new months. I have also been working to move adampatterson.ca from WordPress to Tentacle. This has been a good experience since in doing so pointed out a few issues that were solved and pushed back to Tentacle. In the wings on…

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