Whats been going on?

By Adam Patterson in: Announcements

We have come a long way and accomplished a lot in the last few weeks.

Key bug fixes and changes

  • Subdirectory installation without configuration now supported
  • Can install on HTTP servers with ports other than 80
  • Consolidated configuration Deployment and Development modes.
  • Updated CodeMirror to v2.2
  • Restyled CKE to match the Bootstrap UI
    • Removed the webkit outline on CKE
  • Users can update their password
  • Snippets can be displayed in content using short codes.
  • Edit posts
    • Update post type
    • Update categories
  • Install via curl get.tcms.me | sh
  • Unlimited page depth
  • Schedule post date

A notable but undocumented improvement is that we have finally hooked up the templates and you can now displayed content on the front end.

As usual we are looking for feedback!

Download it!

And please send me feedback here, or send a tweet, and even an email.