Media manager of doom!

By Adam Patterson in: Announcements

Alright, Its no secret that WordPress has IMO one of the best media managers out there.

Drag and drop file upload, Easily manage content, insert images, rotate resize, so on and so on.

Before I began building Tentacle I researched approximately 25 other CMS solutions. A lot of them had some really good core principals but I felt they were poorly executed. Others have done a good job and making their mark.

I faulted many of these CMS’s when it came to inserting media.

The problem comes from the WYSIWYG editors more so than anything. They are almost all done in JavaScript and leave the image management up to you. The stick you it a weak alternative.

The insert URL to image.

The more I looked the more I began to see this as a commonality and a problem never really solved well. The reason is that the file processing and uplaoding is system specific. So I really can’t blame the editors too much.

I recently talked about how I had used CKEdit, well that ship has sailed once I began the media manager battle royal.

TinyMCE all the way. Its smaller, faster, and a better documented for jQuery.

Our media manager is light and simple, and will offer many new features to come.