Design the experience

By Adam Patterson in: UX

As designers and developers we are in control of our users experience.

Here are a few principals to consider when building a system.

Plain language

State your intentions! Use “Create a new user” for a submit button rather than “Add“.

If you are delting a user, ask “Are you sure you want to delete Adam Patterson“.

Helpful headings

Make your headings useful, reassure your users where they are and what they are about to do. This helps build context.

The best way to figure out if your headings make sense is to write them down on cards and get a stranger to sort them into categories.

Encourage wandering minds

Your users are going to take A and C and expect to get Z. Find out why!

Get user feedback, no matter what it is. Good or bad, even outlandish there is value. Look for those who are willing to tear into you.

Failure is the by-product of learning.

Give people control

People have are guided buy their intuition, throw a stumbling block in their path and you build frustration. Creating an intuitive system is difficult and might take many iterations before you get it just rite.

Put yourself  in their shoes

Its easy to get into the roll of designer, or developer, but take a second look at your work as if you were the user.

Consider how it will be used for the first time, and see if it effects an avid user.