6 Reasons To Host Your Own Site

By Adam Patterson in: Article

Getting your own website has never been easier. More and more people have online resumes, social networks, and even communities.

With so many great services which enable you to easily create, share, update, design, and all for free. Why would you want to take the time to host your own site?

Some of the bigger Free options would include Blogger, WordPress.com, and Tumblr. In the same pool would be premium paid services like LightCSM, Square Space, and as well WordPress.com. All of these offer accessibility for some one who has no or very little technical knowledge to create their own presence.

Lets look at a few reasons why you should host your own site.

1. You can build your Brand

People will remember yourname.com over yourname.somewebservice.com

Hosting your own site will also include free email hosting at your domain for free.

Depending on your industry, say you are a real-estate agent. Your name is your meal ticket, Your clients are going to see your ad, remember your name and google you. Your name is your Brand.

A self hosted website implies a level of professionalism.

2. SEO or Search Engine Optimization

Driving traffic to your site is going to be one of the most important goals for your site. On the same hand some free services will supplement your free site with Ads. Guess what! They are going to show your viewers ad’s relevant to your content. That means that Jonny the Accountant’s website will have ads for competitors.

Thats horrible you say! Well it is. But the free web service your using isn’t there to give you a free ride. They sell ad space to pay for your site.

Hosting your own site allows you to drive traffic to your site, Even if your goal is to sell ad’s to make a profit.

If you were to move from blogger.com to yourdomain.com you would not have the ability to control the redirection of your visitors. You would almost need to start from scratch.

3. Make Money

Every one likes to make money, there are a number of successful stay at home moms who run quality blogs of their own and are able to supplement their income with wither ads or the ability to sell goods.

A service might not prevent you from blogging and selling goods but they will prevent you from selling ad space.

4. Creative Freedom

Many free services allow you to choose templates and change colors, This is ok for the casual blogger, if your goal is to establish a brand of your own then the last thing you want is a 100 variations of your site.

Paid services usually offer premium themes, Dont get me wrong. They look great. THese themes also get a lot of play from other users and may come at an additional cost over and above your monthly fee.

5. Scripts & Coding

The scenario of a blogger who grows their visitors over a period of time and wants to expand into selling products or create a user community will hit a road block.

Most online blogging platforms are only for blogging. You would have to search out another solution for selling goods.

Hosting your own site means you have full control, you can keep yourname.com and integrate a shopping experience.

At this point there would be a high cost associated with moving from a free service to any paid or self hosted service provided you lack the ability to do so your self, you would also loose most if not all of your search traffic and direct links to your site.

6. Own your own Content

This issue has come up in the news more than once. Unless you are paying for web hosting and running your own server, you probably don’t own your content.

If you are a public school in Canada for instance you are required by law to have your data hosted in Canada due to the USA Patriot Act.

For most people this is not a concern but what you do with your data should be at your own desecration.

Hosting your own blog does require some technical knowledge but many web hosts like DreamHost offer one click installers. If you want to get your hands dirty then a few hours spent at Treehouse or Lynda will get you on your way.