Deploying to AppFog

By Adam Patterson in: PaaS

Part of making a CMS great is making the instillation process as easy as possible.

Appfog compliments this process by making deployment as easy as possible.


A little side note on Appfog.

  • Unlimited apps within 2GB RAM
  • Database services with 100MB up to 1GB limit

From signup to deployed and installed app, I was up and running in under 2 min.

Tentacle is designed to be installed uploaded or checked out with git, the install process will create your database configuration files.

The difference with Appfog is that your database credentials are part of an environment variable. Read more about how their services work here.

Below is the modified configuration file that I use:


Once you have Tentacle on your local computer and have created your db.php file using the above code.

You can run these simple commands:

Creating new apps with any code on the command line with the pure REST API could not be easier:

sudo gem install af
af login
cd path/to/tentacle
af push

Follow the instructions, Once you visit your instance URL you should be prompted to create a user account.

From this point everything should be up and running in the cloud.