A big leap for Tentacle

By Adam Patterson in: Announcements

Previously the Tentacle blog was powered by WordPress, A few months ago I had spent a lot of time working on the ability to import the WordPress WXR files.

For the moment this only includes posts, tags, categories, and media. No comments or pages.

This could change in the future.

This for me was actually a big deal, and to make it happen a number of things had to be considered.

  • The category and tag relations had to be kept
  • Media needed to be transferred to the new site
  • Media links in the post content also needed to be remapped
  • Media needed to be reprocessed

The only Issue that I came across was a memory error while resizing a rather large PNG image.

Today tentaclecms.com/blog/ is totally powered by Tentacle its self.  It is lacking pagination but that’s in the works!

One problem that I noticed right off the start was how would the URLs be managed.

When you build an application using MVC there are routs, and those routs need to match a pattern. The problem was that I did not want to create a bunch of controllers. So I built a special version of routs that would specifically handle blog related requests, mapping requests for tags, categories, pages, and posts possible.

My next problem was dealing with content and how plugins could interact with it.

I will go into more detail later on about how plugins and events are created, but at the core Tentacle will do a few nice things for you out of the box.

  • It will automatically wrap lines with tags if they are not already there.
  • It will convert links and email addressed to clickable items.
  • Rendering using SmartyPants
  • An event call for [shortcode]

A lot of work went into making this happen, and Tentacle is that much closer to a beta release!