New Logger

By Adam Patterson in: Announcements


DEBUG_SQL TRUE will log all SLQ queries
DEBUG TRUE Will allow logging to be shown to logged in users. But does not prevent logging from occurring.

By default logging is only displayed only to site administrators who are actively logged in. Logging is instance based meaning that data is not persistent from page to page.

Set a logg event

logger::set( 'Name', 'Message', level=int );

Logging levels


  • 0 null
  • 1 info
  • 2 success
  • 3 warning
  • 4 error

Render the logged events

Calling logger::render() will show the log contents do any user.

To return an array of all collected data call:


Logging to a file

Calling logger::file() will dump the contents to /log-dev.txt

This file should be writable.