Upcoming changes

By Adam Patterson in: Announcements Update


I am in the process of collecting some simple stats.

My goal is to have a nice heads up of:

  • Current views / yesterdays views
  • Popular content
  • Geo location
  • Reffering sites

Rite now the stats are “collecting” on the maketing site so that I have something to work from.  One common issue that seems to creep up is  the Geo API being unaccessible at times. I am not sure what causes this but if you see an error on this page or possible the demo site it is probably related to the API call.


Raptor Editor, the WYSIWYG editor has updated its plugin architecture and thus in the latest version brakes the media manager.

Raptor is also the only thing in this site that needs jQuery UI.  That said I am in the process of re-re-integrating CKEdito… They have recently released v4 that appears to be much better, lighter, and easier to configure.

Send an email to hello@tentaclecms.com if you have any experience integrating CKE with external HTML I would love to get some tips or see some examples. I had found this to be very frustrating in the past.