Milestones and some pebbles.

By Adam Patterson in: Announcements Code Update

After a few issues last week in dealing with a JavaScript update that broke a number of other plugins, I had to take a good look at what we were using and scrap a number of "test" plugins.

CKEditor is now implemented into the site, along with CodeMirror syntax highlighting.

This could replace the HTML mode on its own, but I think it still needs to be tested. Out of the box is not as nice as what we already have.

I re-wrote the Media manager and is now JavaScript based rather than posting a form request.  In the end I think this will help in a move towards something like Backbone JS.

As the backend matures the front end will start to take shape,  The UX of Tentacle will also begin to take shape.


I have given a few demos of the CMS to a few different kinds of people. Developers, Copy Writers and people responsible for pitching to clients. It became clear to me that we have a great tool here but need to beef up the documentation, provide examples, and get some themes ready.

The next phase coming up will be design centered around the UI and UX of the admin section as well as creating a core theme for the site its self, This will include documenting the process.