TextMate keymap for PhpStorm

By Adam Patterson in: Code

I love TextMate, but it really suits me best for single file applications.

It took some time for me to get used to and fully appreciate the shortcuts. One of the biggest adjustments I had to make while using PhpStorm was learning all new keyboard shortcuts.

Ruby Mine includes a TextMate keymap since TextMate was the devfacto editor for the Ruby community. PhpStorm on the other hand lacked in these shortcuts.

I decided to invest 15 min of my valuable time and created a TextMate Keymap. I should note that this was made on OSX and I suspect will probably only work on OSX versions of PhpStorm but let me know if it works for Windows as well.


Installing on OSX

  1. Open Finder, navigate to the location where you downloaded the XML and copy it.
  2. Then locate ~/Library/Preferences/WebIDE##/keymaps/ 
  3. Paste the .xml file in and restart your IDE. Then navigate to Settings > Keymap and select the TextMate keymap.

If all goes according to plan your KeyMap should be working.

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