Status update

By Adam Patterson

Freelance work has taken up the majority of my time for the past new months. 

I have also been working to move from WordPress to Tentacle. This has been a good experience since in doing so pointed out a few issues that were solved and pushed back to Tentacle. 

In the wings on un-published branches I have been working on updating the admin interface to Bootstrap 3, Repeating custom content, and the media manager.

Outside of Tentacle I have also taken over Candy CMS, While Tentacle is more powerful in its feature set, Candy offers some very simple feature sets for content, navigation and plugins. Since Candy sat for about a year I knocked off a bunch of issues and had to work on the update script ( will use Serpent ) so that I can have a smoother roll out process.

I am not entirely sure on what direction both will take, but ultimately I can see a code rewrite merging features of both CMS into one. More than likely under Candy’s name. Tentacle was always more of a code name than anything until I was able to get proofs of concept solid.

Future plans include:

  • Responsify the mail site
  • Design a solid default tempalte
  • Code rewrite
  • Interface redesign
  • Candy includes Redactor
  • REST API ( allowing for mobile app development )
  • Better media integration ( publish from Adobe Lightroom )
  • Allow site owners to opt in to event tracking of the admin side
  • Allow site owners to log code errors
  • Hook up themes/plugins to the serpent API for easy install

If you are interested in contributing I would love help with Backbone.js, PHP framework ( Laravel, Slim, or Nano ), and some design help would be awesome!

Contributors get an open source license for PHP Stom!

Email me!