Geo Location update

By Adam Patterson in: Code Performance

I have made some subtle but important updates to the GEO api used for statistics.Previously was pulling from another API, this "Worked" but occasionally would throw an error caused by a hiccup in the connection.  After downloading a rather large geo location database and creating my own service I…

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A new Event API

By Adam Patterson in: Announcements Code

Here is an overview of the event API in Tentacle, One thing that was really important to use was the ability to chain methods giving us the ability to filter and process a chain of events.At the moment there are a number of hooks and triggers throughout the system responsible for…

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After a few issues last week in dealing with a JavaScript update that broke a number of other plugins, I had to take a good look at what we were using and scrap a number of "test" plugins.CKEditor is now implemented into the site, along with CodeMirror syntax highlighting.This could replace…

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Digital Ocean

By Adam Patterson in: Announcements

After many happy years at my old host I finally took the plunge and moved to a VPS server at Digital Ocean. For $5 a month giving me 512mb of ram and 20 gigs of SSD space its hard to go wrong.This would be my first production VPS, I have played…

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Upcoming changes

By Adam Patterson in: Announcements Update

Statistics I am in the process of collecting some simple stats. My goal is to have a nice heads up of: Current views / yesterdays views Popular content Geo location Reffering sites Rite now the stats are "collecting" on the maketing site so that I have something to work from.  One common…

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