I made a large improvement to the way we hash our user passwords. Originally Tentacle was using the default method of hashing passwords used in Dingo, This was a SHA1 hash. Still decent but not really up to newer standards. When a log in is processed the username and password are submitted…

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Making of the upgrade script

By Adam Patterson in: Article

The best scenario for keeping Tentacle up to date is using to use Git. If for some reason you can not use git then for the majority of users we have you covered. Tentacle updates are powered by the Serpent API. Serpent is designed to allow developers to continue their…

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Getting your own website has never been easier. More and more people have online resumes, social networks, and even communities. With so many great services which enable you to easily create, share, update, design, and all for free. Why would you want to take the time to host your own…

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Deploying to AppFog

By Adam Patterson in: PaaS

Part of making a CMS great is making the instillation process as easy as possible. Appfog compliments this process by making deployment as easy as possible.   A little side note on Appfog. Unlimited apps within 2GB RAM Database services with 100MB up to 1GB limit From signup to deployed…

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Design the experience

By Adam Patterson in: UX

As designers and developers we are in control of our users experience. Here are a few principals to consider when building a system. Plain language State your intentions! Use "Create a new user" for a submit button rather than "Add". If you are delting a user, ask "Are you sure you want to delete Adam…

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