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By Adam Patterson in: Article UX

Tentacle has been built to reduce the level of knowledge needed to run and maintain a web site. Designing a CMS for various types of users is challenging. Never knowing how something will be used and knowing it will never be used as intended doesn't help. But with so many different types of users…

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Bootstrapped Editor!

By Adam Patterson in: Announcements

The CKEditor is a very powerful and customizable WYSIWYG editor, With the ability to customize the output, create your own buttons the CKEditor should be a good fit down the road when we introduce modules.The original UI greatly resembled the Bootstrap UI so it only made sense to adopt Twitters Bootstrap.With the number awesome code libraries out…

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I want to make Tentacle dead simple to install. For the time being I would like to get a group of potential users to test the setup process. The ideal scenari should be: Upload Files Go to the root of of your CMS in any browser. Tentacle should initiate the setup process.…

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It seems that one of the challenges in making web apps specifically a CMS is that you need to appeal to a wider audience. A CMS has some overlap between the client and the developer in terms of usability. For example, you need to appeal to developers to recommend the…

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Say hello to Tentacle!

By Adam Patterson in: Uncategorized

This is basically a place to think out loud. Bounce ideas around and hopefully get feedback on features and process. Get a bit of an idea what Tentacle is about. Thanks for stopping by!

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